Seasoned Firewood

Seasoned firewood is wood that has been split and exposed to outdoor elements for up to 9 months, which releases the moisture content to it and gives way to great burning wood.  If the wood is not seasoned it is called “green”.  Green wood does not burn well and is heavier in weight than seasoned wood.  Buying green wood could turn a relaxing night in front of the fire into a frustrating occasion.

Available Firewood Options

  •  Convenient Bundle Packages – $5.00
    • Mainly for commercial use
    • Could be used for camping
  •  Chunk Wood – $125 ( Not stackable)
    • Same amount of wood as a face cord
    • Smaller assorted sizes
    • Great for outdoor fires
  • Face Cord – $180 ($65 Stacking Fee)
    • 4′ high by 8′ long
  • Half Cord -$250 ($100 Stacking Fee)
    • 4′ high by 12′ long
  • Full Cord – $395 ($140 Stacking Fee)
    • 4′ high by 4′ wide by 8′ long stacked in 3 rows of 4″ high by 8″ long

Additional delivery fee of $50 if delivery is outside the 15 mile radius of Delafield.  Click here to request a quote.