Tree Care

Storm Damage

Sometimes the unexpected happens and a strong storm can take down the healthiest of trees and they can end up in some peculiar positions.  We won’t say we’ve seen it all, but we’ve seen enough to know these are times when you want a professional.  With our 55’ Aerial lift those trees that fall on a house or get hung up in another tree are more manageable. Our teams are experienced and well qualified to what Mother Nature throws at us.

Lot Clearing

So you’re ready to build, you’ve got the spot where you want the house; only problem is there’s trees in the way.  Not only that but you’re on a deadline.  You need a company that’s experienced, efficient and that has the right equipment to get the job done as quickly as possible.  Look no further, Lake Country Landscaping, Inc. will clear your lot and get you ready to build.

Tree Trimming & Removal

Trees need care, just like every living thing.  Their branches might need to be lifted.  They need the dead removed from them.  Thinning a tree lets light and air through. They might be growing too close to the house and need to be trimmed away.  Unfortunately, trees die and when they do we can remove them for you.  Our 55’ Aerial lift assists our qualified climbers and makes us more efficient.  We chip all the brush.  The wood can be left and cut into firewood lengths or we can haul it away.

Let us impress with you with our immaculate clean up.

Stump Grinding

Our stump grinder is a compact and self propelled model.  Being compact, it can fit through 30” gates and tight areas.  Being self propelled it can get navigate up and down hills and mounded areas.  After its ground we can clean it up, add topsoil, seed and starter fertilizer and it will be lawn in no time.

Brush Chipping

For you weekend warriors that like to get out there and do it yourself, why not stack all the brush you cut down and let us come and chip it up.  We’ll haul the chips away or you can keep them for personal use.

Buckthorn Clearing / Garlon application

Buckthorn can take over an area and compete with more desirable trees, similar to weeds in a lawn.  Not only that but once cut down, Buckthorn will grow back making it a constant nuisance.  By applying a product called Garlon to the cut stump, it prevents re growth.  For large areas where Buckthorn has taken over, removal can be done in stages.  The outcome is significant.