Lawn Maintenance

Spring Clean Up 

You’re lawn will love a gentle rake out in the Spring to wake it up and get rid of the sticks and late fallen leaves from the winter season. A clean up from under where those snow piles that finally melted were.  We’ll follow that with aeration to help the lawn breathe (oxygen) and allow those Spring rains to penetrate (water).  Aeration is removing 3” -5” cores from your lawn, which allows water, oxygen, and nutrients to reach the grass root for optimum for growth.  You’re planting beds will need the perennial grasses and other perennials left up for winter interest cut down.  Those pesky leaves that fell right before the first snow fall, that always seem to land under the evergreens, inside the shrubs and in every corner will need to be removed.  If the gutters didn’t get cleaned out in the fall, a Spring cleaning will insure proper drainage for those April showers. Perhaps even have our crew place those flower pots where you want them and hook those hoses back up.  Never too early to start thinking about those May Flowers. For the final touch, let us blow all the debris off of your parking lots, driveway, sidewalks, entrances, patios, decks, wherever it’s needed to complete your clean up. Whether you’re looking for the full Spring Clean up or just one or two of the services, any effort taken in the Spring will ease the load for the rest of the season.

Fall Clean up

As beautiful as fall is, it gets to be a little messy.  There’s a lot to clean up at the end of the season.  Our crews will remove the annuals from your flower pots, even empty, clean and place them in your storage.  The hoses will get unhooked, wrapped and stored.  The roof gets blown off and gutters cleaned out.  Even hard to reach gutters aren’t a problem, thanks to our 55’ lift.  Perennials get cut down, except those that create winter interest.  This is a good time to trim shrubs as needed. The sticks that fell from those blustery fall winds will get picked up from lawn areas and planting beds.  Leaves will get removed from planting beds.  For our commercial accounts, the garbage dumpster areas will get cleaned out.  The lawn areas will get de-thatched, cut and thoroughly vacuumed.  De-thatching removes excess clippings from the growing season and hard packed leaves in the lawn.  It’s like giving your lawn a good strong raking. All that debris then gets sucked up with a truck vacuum and removed from site or on site.  You don’t have to wait until all the leaves are down. Consider having a few “Mini” clean ups to extend your outdoor entertaining season.

Lawn Maintenance 

Would you like your lawn to look like your favorite fairway or baseball field?  Let us mow your lawn implementing the 4 way criss cross interweaving design, eliminating tire indentation and assuring a more consistent cut over time.  Our crews follow the 3” or higher rule of cutting (unless otherwise requested by the customer) which enhances moisture retention, creates a stronger root system and makes the lawn less susceptible to weeds and disease.  When we string line trim those areas the mowers can’t get to, there is a little trick called flipping the trimmer that lets you freshen up the edges along sidewalks, driveways and planting beds. Our crews will perform this when needed to keep your edges crisp and eye catching.  With a weekly maintenance contract any debris and sticks in the lawn and planting beds is removed before we cut.  Now for the finisher, we’ll bring out the powerful back pack blowers and remove debris and grass clippings from parking lots, driveways, sidewalks, front entrances, patios, decks.  With routine property maintenance newly sprouted weeds, broken branches in your trees, diseased shrubs or lawn areas can be addressed sooner. We will do all this efficiently, cost effectively and professionally.

Planting Bed Maintenance

Planting bed maintenance can be performed weekly, once a month or anywhere in between.  Planting bed maintenance is most cost efficient when performed on a regular basis.  Routine maintenance on planting beds keeps it manageable, creates a pristine appearance, improves plant health, promotes continuous blooms for those flowering plants, and keeps diseases at bay. As with any well designed bed, plants have different growing seasons and when their growing season is done they should be cut down so the other plants can flourish. In the fall, plants should be cut down, except those left for winter interest, ensuring a favorable start to Spring.

Shrub and Ornamental Tree trimming

There are so many pieces of landscape maintenance. Shrub trimming and ornamental tree trimming are essential to a well maintained property for many reasons.  By periodic trimming, you can ensure that your shrubs and ornamental trees do not out grow their location.   Routine trimming can prevent a costly renovation project in the future.   Proper timing and trimming techniques are vital to the health of the shrub or tree.

Mulch Installation

There is nothing better than a natural edged planting bed.  Sharp hand tools are the key:  less mess, less clean up, no cutting of structurally tree and shrub roots and a clean crisp edge needed. After the planting bed is properly edged and cleaned up, it’s important to remove any weeds. We apply a granular weed preventer to planting beds and tree rings prior to mulch installation which deter unwanted weed and grass growth.  A fresh layer of mulch will also deter weed growth. There are many reasons to apply mulch to your planting beds and tree rings.  First and foremost is for the appearance. A rule of thumb for mulch installation is to spread a 3”-4” layer on a new planting bed or one that hasn’t been mulched in a while.  A 1”- 2” layer is sufficient when mulch is maintained annually.  Mulch is meant to break down and these rules allow for this.  If excessive mulch is placed around plants, shrubs and trees and is not given enough time to break down it can do damage by causing rotting and suffocation of plants, shrubs and trees.  The vibrant color of natural mulch fades over time so it’s your choice when you want your planting beds to be most attractive. This may be in the Spring, or the start of your outdoor entertaining season or perhaps before a party. We can mulch planting beds even when flowers are in bloom.  Mulch is used to keep moisture in as well.  In the Spring, moisture is at an all time high. It’s the summer and fall months that the mulch will be used for this purpose.