Landscape Renovation

From time to time, our shrubs and trees outgrow their original space.  Our perennials quadruple in size and need dividing or rearranged.  Planting beds can be expanded or reduced in size. A home addition or new patio or deck installation may mean some changes to your existing landscape plan.  Sometimes we want out with the old and in with the new. When that’s the case, we can go over different trees, shrubs, and flowers that will suit your needs. If you don’t know exactly what you’re looking for we can help with you that.  Maybe you want shrubs that flower, or trees that hold their berries for the birds in the winter, or flowers that attract butterflies.  Renovation is our specialty.   Renovation doesn’t necessarily mean starting from scratch.  There are many options to choose from.  You can add some new plants, shrubs, or trees and transplant existing ones.

Lawn Topdressing/Repair

A lawn might need repair from drought damage, disease or insect damage. Overgrown trees that shorten the amount of sunlight a lawn gets or doesn’t get can result in damage.  Whatever the reason, it can be repaired by topdressing.  We will aerate the lawn for more oxygen, apply a thin layer of topsoil, and add seed and starter fertilizer to repaired areas.

Skidsteer/ Brush cat Services

We have a variety of attachments for our skid steers, buckets, brooms, and brush cat. The brush cat attachment is great for clearing tall thick weeds and grasses and small tree saplings from vacant lots and wild areas.


White picket fences, split rail fences, privacy fences and privacy hedges can play an integral part in a landscape.  Hedges can be used alone or with fences to add privacy.  White picket fences and split rail fences can enhance shrub or flower plantings.

Holiday Decorating

Holiday decorating is made easy with our 55’ Aerial lift.  Whether you decorate with a subtle wreath way up high, light up all the trees in your yard or somewhere in between, we can help you.  We use commercial LED lighting.

Concrete walks, driveway, patio

We don’t like to wear too many hats so we work in conjunction with Maier Concrete Masonry.  Just let us know before we come out for the estimate that you’re interested in concrete pricing and an associate from Maier Concrete Masonry will join us.